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Blog #169 The Hive Studios [Workshops]

Blog #169 The Hive Studios (Workshops)

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The hive and the hive studios in Kennedy Town is a top-notch shared work space for creatives and anyone, really who needs a cool environment for working and having client meetings outside of their home. They are increasing popular in major cities and very useful not to mention economical compared to renting a larger flat or commercial space (especially in rent-crazy Hong Kong).

I recent completed a series of seven workshops. A previous blog post included links to all of the event workshops. Some were well attended such as Smarter Phone Photography while others such as the film developing workshop did not reach our quota of just three attendees. Street Photography, Post-processing using Lightroom, and Studio Portraiture generated some interest as well from the hive community.

Hosting workshops is interesting because as the presenter, you are forced to present specific information in a concise and organised manner. Given the time constraints you can only say so much. So in preparing for these workshops, it’s a matter of prioritising the information to be shared with the participants and allowing for some dialogue as well to ensure that you’re meeting their needs.

It can be fun to meet new people of course albeit daunting to have to present to them. There’s much to be gained for the presenter as well is what I’m getting at here.

We will do more in the new year for sure, stay tuned for more info and link to Pelago for Registration.

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*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: The hive studios Kennedy Town

Subject: Workshops

Gear: iPhone 11 Pro and Leica Q2


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