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Blog #143 Less is More [small is HUGE]

Blog #143 Less is More [small is HUGE]

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One of my 2018 resolutions was to avoid buying any new cameras. I pretty much completed that while only buying one new lens for my Fujifilm X Series cameras, the 16mm f/1.4, a stunningly sharp super wide angle fast prime.

A camera is simply a tool that artists who paint with light (photographers, that is) need. We all tend to obsess a bit about our gear. The main objective is to have something that works and you can bring with you, it’s really as simple as that. What about smartphones you ask? I’m glad that you did. Smartphones have replaced even the smallest compact point and shoots these days…or have they? I remember reading a New York Times article years ago that “Smartphones were getting dangerously close to the quality of point and shoot camera”. I love how the author chose the word “dangerously” as if there were life and death decisions to be made about taking photos. Smartphones have come a long way but they still suck at nighttime and have many limitations. In the endless quest for the “perfect” light-proof box, I needed to dive deeper.

Since my Project 365 a few years ago, I have not worn a camera literally everyday. I do aspire to have a camera on my person at all times, however. I like to be prepared. Hey, like the NewYork Lotto, You never know! I have grown a bit tired of having a camera hanging around my neck unless I’m at a shoot, or shooting the streets. It was time to try something small. I needed a pocketable camera. I used my old Rollei 35 and it was just a joy to use. I keep in a my jacket pocket and shoot pictures throughout my work week around town. It’s a really terrific camera that literally will fit in your pocket. Hence, you can carry it easily and make pictures when your eye or heart tells you to.

I love film and most of my personal projects are film work but I also like digital. Enter the new Fujifilm XF10. The recent replacement of the XF70, the XF10 is small, like really small. Somehow, the engineers stuffed the same APS-C CMOS II sensor from the larger X-Series cameras into this handheld case. With its 18mm (28mm equivalent) wide angle lens and digital optimal zoom to 35mm & 50mm focal lengths, this little guy packs a pig punch. High ISO, square format shooting (a Fujfilm first), and all the extra controls such as film simulations that define Fujifilm are packed inside. The controls are super simple, customisable, and just work. This is really an amazing piece of tech. A small but powerful built in flash, touchscreen, and joystick control round off this micro-powerhouse of a camera. The colours and images off the sensor even at 3200 and higher ISO are terrific.

Best of all, it goes in your pocket so it goes where you do. Fujifilm doesn’t pay me to talk about their gear but I am such a fan boy anyway because their stuff is just so good. Images from this camera will be posted later. The images included are from the Rollei 35 with Rollei Retro 400 35mm black and white film and developed in Rollei Supergrain developer for around 14 min at 20 degrees C.

In summary, less camera is more fun. In other words, small can definitely be HUGE!

The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Hong Kong

Subject: Various Subjects around town

Gear: Rollei 35 + Rollei Retro 400 Black and White 35mm film


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