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Blog #172 The Last of the Acros?

Blog #172 The Last of the Acros?

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There is film and then there is film. There are different sizes and techniques for developing but there are three types of “modern” day wet film. There is black and white negative film, slide or color reversal film, and color negative film. We all have our favourites. Kodak Tri-X black and white negative film was shot by countless photographers and countless times in decades past burning our collective culture and human experience into the annals of history for all of eternity.

After a fair bit of experimentation, you might find your self gravitating towards a favourite type of the above-mentioned films. One such black and white negative film that I have found myself really enjoying is Fujfilm Neopan Acros 100 ISO (Speed). This film uses the T-grain structure (like Kodak TMAX which means that the chemicals form more geometric types of structures that “fit” together better causing a finer appearance in the end result. Less grain equals more detail.

Sadly, Fujifilm discontinued Acros sometime last year or so. Of course I stockpiled as much as I could but recently have depleted my supply of this fine stuff. Images contained within this blog are some of the last of the last made with this fantastic film of the 35mm variety. With news of other films going the way the do-do bird countered by the revival of Ektachrome by Kodak, for example, we are in uncertain times for the future of film, one concludes.

Fear not! I’m a week late but months ago was the announcement that Fujifilm developed (pun intended) Acros II! On 22 November the release of this Acros 2.0 was said to have been released. I guess what comes around goes around. Game On!

The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Hong Kong

Gear: Olympus RD35 Rangefinder + Yellow Filter #8, Developed in Bergger Berspeed


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