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Blog #182 The Importance of Having a PLAN B

Blog #182 The Importance of Having a PLAN B

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So I was planning a nice hiking day adventure to outer Island Po Toi recently with fellow film shooter Mike [@analalogmike]. The landscapes on Po Toi are the best in Hong Kong. Vast ocean, blue skies and orange textured mountains make for the best landscape images around our fair city. What to pack? Along with a hat, sunblock, water bottle and the obvious necessities, the age-old question of what gear to bring started to force a decision as the day was rapidly approaching. Leica Q2, check, Medium Format camera and film, check, 35mm camera and film, check!

All was ready to head to the ferry on time. There are only two ferries each day out and two in so being on time is not an option. All was well, the sun was shinning, and off we go. After a pleasant 35 minute boat ride we land on the island, stuff some film into our cameras, and head up the dirt path away from the boat towards the aforementioned mountains and landscapes that promise to be simply epic. Everything seemed great. We’re hiking and shooting away as usual. Color film rolls, black and white film rolls, some iPhone shots and of course the Leica Q2 all get their turn to work their magic.

I did get the sense at one point that my 35mm film camera was having an issue with the shutter. It was not clicking on and off in the intervals that I have come to expect. Was it sticking? Could it have been the heat getting to it? This was indeed the case as I was able to confirm after developing the black and white roll at home the following day. Additionally, one of the rolls of medium format came back from the lab with spots all over it as. Normally the labs are very reliable but even they are prone to mistakes with the all-to-finicky roll of film simply will not cooperate. I am not including these images here since they are not presentable.

Another roll of black and white that I developed at home didn’t come out well at all. Did I change the ISO when I switched rolls? Moral of the story, there is seriously SO MUCH that can go wrong when making photos, especially with 30+ year old film cameras. Camera settings, battery and light meters, development, stop bath, fixer, drying, dusk problems, scanning, and more.

Mind you this was a casual and fun hiking day trip with a friend rather than a paid professional photo shoot. Still, you want your gear to work and to come home after a long day out and about with a plethora of good to great images that work after a hard day of work (play actually).

The need for multiple camera bodies, lenses, film, batteries, and backup gear cannot be overstated here. Bring two cameras and your phone just in case. For professional gigs, bring three cameras and extras since failure is not an option. Making a packing list is probably not a bad idea. the old adage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure


Luck favours the prepared - Edna Mode from Pixar’s The Incredibles

Seem to make sense here. Do yourself a favour and learn from my mistakes.

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The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Po Toi Island, Hong Kong

Subject: Landscapes around Stanley and Po Toi Island

Gear: Makina 67 Medium Format, Ilford Pan F 50 (120 MF size), Leica Q2, Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH


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