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Blog #173 Desert Landscapes in Infrared Truth or Lies in Photography? Photoshop vs. IR

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Happy New Year! Congratulations on surviving another spin around the sun. In Hong Kong, we get to have two new year celebrations within the same month. The Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rat is here. The flower market is buzzing with activity and the decorations are morphing from santa to a big fat rat (hardly noticable, actually).

Here we go again with another year of blogging. In this first post of the new year, we’re going back in time to a collection of images taken in 2018 in Arizona, USA using a Panasonic point and shoot digital camera converted to infrared. A company in New Jersey, USA modifies the camera sensor by removing the IR filter so that the camera can only see the infrared light spectrum, rather than the visible light spectrum that we can see with out eyes. Everything (more or less) emits IR spectrum “light” only it’s not light it’s electromagnetic radiation.

We shot in the desert where there were some terrific landscapes and textures from all of those spikes cacti and plant species suited to the super hot and dry climate. It makes more some cool images, or maybe I should say hot. Of course the landscape didn't look black and white so the images are flat out lying straight away. The "light" captured isn't even visible spectrum light so that's another lie of sorts. The raw files (data) from the SD card was manipulated in Lightroom to get the super contrasty look that I was going for which represents another type of manipulation of the truth. So we have three layers, if you will, of mis-information.

Nevertheless, there are not reportage or documentary they are something else. Rules are meant to be broken. Images lie (usually) since they only show you 42 degrees of field of view. I'm fine with that if you are. Whatever, check them out here.

The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Arizona, USA

Gear: Panasonic TMZ Point and Shoot Digital Camera converted to Infrared Wide-Spectrum 730


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