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Blog #165 Po Toi (Series #1) Color Digital

Blog #165 Po Toi (Series #1) Color Digital

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There is indoor photography and there is the great outdoors. Whatever your preferred genre within this art form, most folks enjoy a leisurely hike with their camera de jour.

“I hate hiking with my camera” said no photographer, ever.

Back in June, we packed up the backpacks and headed south to our favourite hiking spot, Po Toi. My wife Christine, 12 year old son Milo, and photographic partner-in-crime @analogmike joined the party. Pepe the dog came along for moral support as well.

There are literally dozens of outstanding hiking places around the territory but Po Toi is special. The 30 minute open top ferry back and forth is one of the best pars. There are flowing hills, rocky textures, cave art from hundreds of years ago, bird watching, old ruined villages, seafood restaurants, beaches, temples, pagodas, and even a palm rock! The scenery is epic.

So on this year’s annual pilgrimage to Po Toi, I lugged along enough gear to make both digital and film colour and black and white images. Beginning in this blog and the subsequent three blog posts, you will see some images from this day. It was really hot and humid and generally very challenging since the hiking is very hilly. However, the skies tell a different story and I think the great Ansel Adams would’ve been impressed with the clouds that we had on that day back in June. The images? Well, we did out best…check them out…

By the way, I’m hosting a series of workshops with the hive in September and October including a Po Toi Landscape Hike/Workshop

Click here: Po Toi Workshop to register.

The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Po Toi Island, Hong Kong,

Subject: Po Toi Island on color digital images

Gear: Fujifilm Mirrorless + 16mm Fujfilm XF Nano-GI f/1.4 R WR Aspherical Lens + Samyang 12mm f/2.6 FISHEYE LENS


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