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Blog #156 Spring Newsletter

Blog #156 Spring Newsletter

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Spring has sprung, so to speak, and the Limelight Newsletter goes out this Friday. The newsletter contains most of our recent photographic activities to keep my subscribers and clients up to date and in the loop. Below is a summary of Limelight’s recent work.

Website PHYSICAL GRAIN is the social media equivalent of the slow food movement. Posts are film photos that include a brief background of the image that stays for one whole week! This is in stark opposition to the insta-gone type of image browsing that we are all to accustomed to. They published my Asymmetical Reflection image.

A website called Don’t Take Pictures published my Asymmetry Reflection image as well!

Digital Photography School published another (#3) article. This one is titled Five Steps to Making Better Pictures. Do your photos suck? Need some improvement? Read and learn…

The Hive in Kennedy Town and I are working on a series of six Photography Workshops. If you’re in Hong Kong please register and join. There are various topics for all level of photographers. The Hive Facebook event page is here.

Magnum Photography Workshop really helped to push one of my two projects forward. More on that later!

THS Photo Club is in full swing as well. Check us out on Instagram


Thanks to Vishal and the boys from CameraFilmPhoto we’re locked and loaded and hitting the streets with our vintage SLRs stuffed with fresh Ilford HP5!

CentreStage Studios HK show Oklahoma was a huge hit! Photos on Instagram @limelight_hk

Rainy Night in Central sold as a A3 sized print and frame.

The light is always right.


*Images: © Limelight Limited

Where: Home in Hong Kong

Subject: Still life and Christine

Gear: Minolta CLE + Leica 50mm + Film Ferrania P30 Alpha 80 [ISO] 35mm black and white film developed at home.


Limelight Limited

Facebook Page



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